And, herein, is the crux of the problem…

Larry Flint, (im)famous publisher of Hustler, has asked for a $5b “bailout” for the U.S. “adult entertainment industry.”

As silly as this seems (and I am sure he is doing it to make a point), he succeeds in highlighting the dilemma – ALL business sectors, adult entertainment included, employ thousands of people. Those people are facing economic hardship, get less money, spend less money, which contributes to the spiral.

Who is to say one sector is “more important” than another?

Why do we loan billions to General Motors which has been in a slow-motion death spiral for decades due to its own mismanagement; and not bolster a thriving, growing industry that actually drives the cutting edge of entertainment technology? (Want to know what made the VCR a commercial reality, then the DVD, then the Internet? It wasn’t mainstream media.) What has GM contributed to the cutting edge lately?

So, no, we will get all huffy and make moral judgements about this-or-that business being acceptable, but will cloud it in other terms.

Semi-related question: Once a business gets “too big to allow to fail” does the government automatically become a stakeholder? If the government feels it would be compelled to salvage a business if it failed, then the government (and hence, “the people”) acquire a vested interest to compell the business to be well managed. I don’t like where this is going, but it is where we have been in recent times. Think about it.


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