FDA: Ga. plant knowingly shipped tainted products – Yahoo! News

FDA: Ga. plant knowingly shipped tainted products – Yahoo! News

Here is a question for you:

What, fundamentally, is the difference between Stewart Parnell’s leadership of Peanut Corporation of America and Tian Wenhua’s leadership of SanLu dairy in China.

Here is one difference:

2 condemned to death for role in China milk crisis

Interesting to note that Peanut Corporation of America’s web site has all but been taken down. There is a simple home page which has nothing but press releases about recalls. Doing a Google search on site:peanutcorp.com reveals a lot of depth, but all of those links are dead – they have literally erased (or at least moved) all of their site content. But, of course, the cache lives on. So, for your entertainment, here is the "Message From The President" on the former site:

   At Peanut Corporation of America, we’ve become “The Processor of the World’s Finest Peanut Products” by delivering quality products and services at a fair price. Since its founding in 1976, Peanut Corporation has set the standard for peanut processing, providing customers worldwide with the highest quality product and reliable, on-time delivery. Whether you are considering us for the first time or you are already our customer, you’ll find we continually strive to provide innovative, flexible processing services to meet our customers’ wide-ranging needs.

   Safety and Quality do make a difference. We have a remarkable Food-Safety record, developed in an environment committed to continuous training and state-of-the-art Food Safety techniques. From the corporate office to the plant floors, our comprehensive Quality Control program assists us in preventing error, reducing waste, meeting requirements, measuring results and satisfying our customers.

   We are in business to be the best. With your complete satisfaction as our ultimate goal, we utilize a stringent total-satisfaction philosophy, the cornerstone of a company focused on earning its place at the top of this industry.
   We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
   -Stewart Parnell, President


Be sure to email him and let him know just how much you appreciate his commitment to safety and quality.

I could not find a picture of Stewart Parnell. But maybe you can send him a copy of this recent executive portrait of Ms. Tian:


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