Fire Rounds of Self Defense

I’d with I could say this better or add something profound, but I can’t.

In case you are tempted to just pass by, I’ll quote the next-to last paragraphs to get you interested enough to read and see how it ends:

Don’t let society, your peers or your environment dictate something as important as your life. Hecate tells a story of a rangemaster at the gun school, a sheriff’s deputy, who met a nurse in the course of his work, a nurse who had serious ex-boyfriend problems. After responding to one of her 911 calls, he told her she should get a handgun. He offered to advise her on weapon selection and arrange for training.

She said she’d think about it, and asked her hospital colleagues what they thought. Thoroughly indoctrinated in pacifist attitudes, they were horrified and told her she should get a whistle instead. That was what she decided to do, and the deputy said he could not talk her out of it.

“Be careful out there.”


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