You should have thought of that

‘Clear’ airport security member program shuts down – Yahoo! News

Let’s see – you give a mountain of personal information to a private company, and now that it is bankrupt you are wondering where that information will go?

Now that the service is defunct, some wonder what will happen to the personal information held by Verified. The company’s Clear service required members’ fingerprints, iris scans and other identifying traits.

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Chuck Allen, 49, of Duluth, Ga., said he is concerned about all the personal information he released to get his Clear membership card.

Let’s see. If it is an “asset” and it has any value, then it can be disposed of to pay off creditors.

…now that the company is no longer in operation, there is the
possibility it could file for bankruptcy protection, and creditors at a
future hearing could argue that the personal information has value and
should be sold to pay creditors

Of course the company is promising that the information is being “secured according to TSA standards.” I guess that precludes the incident when they lost a laptop with 33,000 unencrypted records on it.

Well maybe they will, as they promised, “take appropriate steps to delete the information.” … no, wait… not if the court declares it to be “an asset” in a bankruptcy. Then again, in today’s world of cloud servers and backups, is anything EVER deleted? Maybe Oliver North knows.


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