A mass murder without a gun – how’d that happen?

5 victims of deadly rampage stabbed, 1 beaten

This story is yet another mass violence incident, except for one thing. There was no gun. Nope, the murderer stabbed five people to death, and beat one. Hmmm.

This statement says a lot about the reporting.

Police still haven’t said which of the homes was attacked first, or how the 6-foot, 215-pound man managed to kill so many people.

I can hear the reporter now. “How did he manage to kill so many people without a gun?”

Yet the answer is right there in the statement.

6-foot 215-pound man.

He simply intimidated and overpowered his victims.

The people who think everyone would be safer if nobody had any guns (which is a fantasy anyway) seem to forget the enormous disparity in sheer strength and mass between an average male and an average female. Sure, there are some women who are stronger and bigger than some men, but criminals don’t prey on people stronger than they are.

Now consider this. What if one person, any one of these victims had been in immediate possession of a handgun. Suddenly the tables turn.

But instead, we are under enormous pressure to accept that only the biggest and strongest can defend themselves.



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