Real Self-Defense

This fantastic little piece by Tamara in Indianapolis is titled “How to not get killed.” She really understands that, long before you worry about defending yourself from attack, there are simple things that avoid being attacked in the first place. This is all common sense, isn’t paranoia, but surprisingly, a lot of people think themselves immune.

Take, for example, using illegal drugs. However you feel about the law, there is one important fact that she points out that if you, harmlessly, in your own home, use drugs you must get them somewhere. You must buy them.

This means that to get any for your own use, you have to come in
contact with some one who is, by definition… class? Anyone? That’s
right, a criminal.
[ . . . ]
They’ve demonstrated the willingness to break one law; what others do they break? What other criminals do they associate with?

The logic is really air tight, as much as a lot of people like to think otherwise. Read the rest of the essay It is really good.

Yes, you have a right to go pretty much where you please, when you please, in the pursuit of lawful activity. That doesn’t make it smart. Show some discretion and everybody enjoys their freedoms tomorrow.


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