Of Course Lobbyists Like Health Care “Reform”

Are lobbyists silver lining in health care storm? – Yahoo! News

Why wouldn’t they like it?
They are going to like this part a lot:

And if the government requires everybody to get coverage — just what the overhaul legislation calls for — it could guarantee a steady stream of customers subsidized by taxpayers not only for insurers, but for all medical providers.

What’s not to like?
The Federal Government’s power to tax, fine, seize property, and ultimately arrest and incarcerate (with the authority to kill you if you resist) is the ultimating marketing plan.

I’d love it too if the government forced you to use MY business.

Of course they have to be very careful. Some versions circulating put these private insurers out of business. That is the “liberals overreaching” part of the article.

What if I don’t WANT health insurance?

And – there is an argument made that this is like mandatory auto insurance.
Wrong. It is nothing like that.
First, I don’t HAVE to have auto insurance. Even where it is mandatory, I can choose to not own or operate a car.
And, secondly, the mandatory part is about being insured for the harm I could do to others. There is no mandatory insurance for wrecking my own car. I have choice about that.

Totally different situation. Stop, people, trying to make the analogy. The only thing the two situations have in common is the word “insurance.”


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