Never Underestimate Your Opponent

BBC News – Iraq insurgents ‘hack into video feeds from US drones’

Let me see if I understand this.
U.S. unmanned surveillance aircraft, such as the Predator, broadcast their video in the clear, so that anyone, and I mean anyone with a receiver can pick it up.

And now we are surprised that insurgents have “hacked” into these open video feeds?

“Hacked?” Hardly. Hacking is an act of overcoming at least some kind of barrier to gain illicit access to the data.

On the other hand, if I buy a television at Costco, and tune it to Channel 7, I can watch baseball games because they are broadcast in the clear.

Why would anyone reasonably expect any result other than the one they got?

Then again, the final quote from the “Pentagon spokesman” sums it up so well:

“As we identify shortfalls, we correct them as part of a continuous process of seeking to improve capabilities and security. As a matter of policy, we don’t comment on specific vulnerabilities or intelligence issues.”

“As we identify shortfalls”
Sorry, guys. This is counter-intel 101.
You don’t broadcast your stuff in the clear. Maybe in 1960 when encryption technology was cumbersome but today? Hello?



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